Selous National Park

selous game reserveThe reserve is Africa’s largest protected wildlife reserve and covers more than 5% of Tanzania’s total area. Rolling grassy woodlands and plains, rocky outcrops, the Rufiji River’s and it’s tributaries forming a network of lakes, channels and lagoons, and the various volcanic hot springs that burst forth from the ground, all serve to form the reserve’s intricate ecosystem.
The Selous is unique in that it offers a large range of activities including boating safaris, hiking safaris and fly camping. The reserve is also home to a third of all the wild dogs in the world. Wildlife found within the reserve include elephants, antelopes, crocodiles, hippos, white colobus monkeys, sickle horned sable and curly horned greater kudu.

Selous Facts

Size: 55,000 sq km.
Location: South East Tanzania

How to get there

Road access is only possible during the dry season and most visitors fly in from Dar es Salaam by charter aircraft.

What to do

Boat game viewing, fishing, walking safaris, fly camping