image1The main facilities are the highlight of Ndutu Lodge and consist of a superb open air bar and restaurant area which look out over the lake. The open-air lounge offers an inviting atmosphere to indulge in a drink and socialize with other guests after a day out 'in the bush' on your private safari. The restaurant accommodates a full house with twenty or so tables and you will have the same friendly waiter for the duration of your stay.


There is a particularly good gift shop on the premises where you can browse a unique selection of handpicked treasures, and could very well be the best shop at any of the Lodges in the Serengeti.
Ndutu Lodge consists of 32 thatched bungalows extending on either side from a central, open sided bar and restaurant area. The majority of the bungalows are not isolated but are constructed in blocks of two. Each unit has its own semi-private veranda which looks towards the lake, although the views are somewhat obstructed by the acacia tree woodland. Luxury it is not, but charm and character more than make up for what might be lacking in opulence here