Tarangire Safari Lodge

Tarangire Safari Lodge is located in the interior of Tarangire National Park, giving you easy access to the wonders of the park. It is easily accessible on good tarmac road from Arusha, 120km and 2 hours of driving.


The Tented Lodge is placed on top of a high bluff, offering breathtaking views of the flora and fauna of the park. It is close to the Tarangire River which is a favorite watering place for a variety of game. With this in mind, you will enjoy the great scenes of animals gathering to drink water, from the comfort of your lounge.

You will have time to enjoy pool services, there also a bar and restaurant, a Baobab boutique as well as wireless connection to the internet 24/7.


It is divided into Luxury tents and Bungalows. There are 35 luxury tents of which 4 have been furnished with double beds. They are spacious, sturdy and comfortable. The walls are made of canvas and are built on a solid base, thatched roof, screened windows and en suite stone walled bathrooms.
The Bungalows are built from local stone, taking shape of a local masai hut. They have thick walls, large windows and thatched roof, according natural insulation and remaining cool even in the heat of the day.