Escarpment Luxury Lodge


The lodge invites the incredible beauty of the African bush in – expanses of windows and doors mean that you have nature right around you as you sit in the comfort and luxury of the superbly appointed bar lounge. A spreading deck surrounding the main lodge affords you breathtaking views of the lake and the gorge upon which the lodge perches – watch pelican sweep the skies as you take sundowners, see the sun slip like a segment of orange into the hills and listen to the sounds of Africa nestle up to you as night slides in.



Escarpment Luxury Lodge boast 16 excellently appointed and private chalets offering double, singles and triples.
Wooden floors and wide windows and doors add to the natural feel of the lodge and every effort has been made to ensure comfort and luxury: large beds with sumptuous linen, leather sofas in your own small lounge area, handmade and recycled finishes in keeping with our intention to encourage an eco-friendly environment and a large, deep bath from which you can survey the bush and the lake.
Cultural Activities :- Visit the nearby village of Mto wa Mbu for cultural excursions arranged with the local Cultural tourism project. Experience indigenous life with cultural activities such as art making, dance performances, local cuisines and irrigation farming. It can be arranged that you cycle through the farms and surrounding areas of this village. You can visit a local Maasai village visit close to the lodge where you can immerse yourself in the timeless daily activities followed by these pastoralists.