4x4 Adventures specializes in offering custom safari built 4 wheel drive vehicles for your comfort & safety while exploring the amazing National Parks / Terrain in Tanzania.
Our fleet contains of luxurious, 4 x 4 custom built Nissan Patrols (both standard & extended versions) and Toyota Landcruiser (extented versions) with pop-up roofs & roof hatches above the driver’s seat. The advantage of a pop-up roof is that the client experiences shade whilst out on game drives during any time of the day. The pop-up roof also allows a 360 degree view all around.

Our cars are equipped with:

  • special recliner seats
  • electric fridges (for storage of beverages) - on request
  • heavy duty suspensions
  • tool kits & first aid kit
  • inverter sockets and inverters in each vehicle

Due to harsh road conditions within / outside parks & game reserves a 4 x 4 vehicle is the most ideal and suitable vehicle you can travel in.
Bean Bags (particularly suitable for photography) will be offered on complimentary basis. We also offer camera doors / roof mounts for film crews. (*extra cost)
We are happy to stock up your fridge prior to your arrival with a selection of beverages against a small fee.

Please note that reliability and safety is our top priority. You may rent a vehicle on chauffeur driven basis. When renting a vehicle, always remember to choose a company that offers back-up services in case of any mechanical emergency or breakdown. With the rough road conditions, mechanical problems may occur once in a while, even in new vehicles.

We look forward to being of service to you.