Katavi National Park

Katavi National ParkTanzania’s 3rd largest National Park, Katavi National Park is isolated, untrammeled and rarely visited giving any visitor the feeling of being a first time explorer. The immense wetlands, roaring waterfalls, and woodlands are home to elusive populations of eland, sable and roan antelope, elephants, buffalo, giraffes, reedbuck, lions and many more. The Katuma River and Lake Katavi both serve as home to Tanzania’s densest population of hippos and crocodiles as well as a myriad of birdlife.

About Katavi National Park

Size: 4,471 sq km
Location; Southwest Tanzania, east of Lake Tanganyika.

Getting there

Charter flights from Dar or Arusha.
A tough but spectacular day's drive from Mbeya (550 km/340 miles) or in the dry season only from Kigoma (390 km/240 miles).
It is possible to reach Mpanda by rail from Dar via Tabora, then to catch public transport to Sitalike, where game drives can be arranged. If traveling overland, allow plenty of time to get there and back.

What to do

Walking, driving and camping safaris.
Near Lake Katavi, visit the tamarind tree inhabited by the spirit of the legendary hunter Katabi (for whom the park is named) - offerings are still left here by locals seeking the spirit’s blessing.